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Why We Are Unique

We are unique as Wealth Advisors:

  • The way that we charge for our services. We are fee-based, which allows us to focus on the right solution for our clients without conflict of interest.
  • How we define Wealth Management. We believe that ‘wealth’ is about more than money. It is our clients’ ability to do what they want, when they want and how they want. Our role as their advisor is to help them get there.
  • Our focus on our clients. Our service is centered on our clients rather than their money. We work with our clients to help them clarify the financial consequences of the life situations they face. Only then can we develop the best investment and planning strategies that reflect our clients needs.
  • The importance we place on a proven and demonstrated academic approach to everything we do. The value of an academic approach is reflected in the investment management that we provide. It is also an integral part of how we keep our clients informed and how we maintain our own knowledge and understanding.
  • The way we define client service. We insist that our service levels go beyond what might be expected. We have purposefully built our firm to serve a limited number of clients and to focus on their unique needs.

Our role is not to provide costly and complicated strategies and solutions but to give our clients realistic ongoing advice and support to meet their needs.

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What We Do

We listen, rather than talk.  We gain a thorough understanding of your future needs, concerns, opportunities and goals that have a financial implication.  We then use our experience and our team to design a unique investment or financial planning strategy that reflects your personal situation. More

Who We Are

Smart Investor is a unique wealth management firm based in Roseville, California.  We are an independent, fee-based registered investment advisor serving entrepreneurs, small business owners, and retirement plan sponsors and participants. More

Why We Are Unique

Everything that we do is in alignment with the best interests of our clients, including the fee-based approach to how we charge for our services.  We define ‘what we do’ in terms of meeting our client’s needs.  We define ‘how we do this’ in terms of leading-edge investment and financial planning strategies.  We are your key trusted advisor. More