At Smart Investor, we encourage our clients to approach investment management and financial planning with one goal in mind: focus on what you can control. We do not attempt to prove we have a “crystal ball” which allows us to outsmart the markets.

We believe it is impossible to know what the future has in store for the financial markets and rely instead on decades of proven academic research from some of the greatest minds in financial science. This research emphasizes the long-term benefits of globally-diversified portfolios composed of low-cost, low-turnover, no-load mutual funds. By implementing these great ideas in finance within each of our portfolios, we continue to provide our clients with greater expected returns while minimizing unnecessary risk. This in turn, combined with a comprehensive financial plan, allows our clients to stay the course in times of market volatility and focus on their long-term financial goals.

Please watch this 2-minute video from Dimensional Fund Advisors to learn more about the academic underpinnings of the investments that make up the Smart Investor Model Portfolios.

Dimensional, from the beginning, applies the same rigor that you would expect to see in scientific investigation.

Robert Merton