The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, or CEFEX, is an international organization that audits, certifies and monitors Investment Advisory Firms for adhering to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence, representing the best practices in the industry. Smart Investor was first certified by CEFEX in 2014 and is annually re-certified to verify ongoing adherence to this fiduciary standard.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients’ needs come first. The Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence dictates that Advisory firms act in the best interests of their clients and can be summarized using the following three principles:

  1. Duty

    We adhere to the highest level of duty and loyalty to clients, always putting client interests ahead of our own.

    Smart Investor Advisors meet the highest legal standard of professional conduct. Where conflicts of interest exist, Smart Investor Advisors must inform the client in transparent, limited and complete language. Additionally, we are required to eliminate conflicts of interest created by compensation. As a fee-only fiduciary advisor, Smart Investor is compensated via an asset-based Advisory Fee, clearly stated and agreed upon in the client’s Advisory Agreement and does not receive any commissions or hidden fees from investments.

    We follow a stringent due diligence process to manage our investment options on an ongoing basis. Smart Investor clients can trust that their assets are invested in funds that are prudently selected, monitored, and replaced (when necessary) using the fi360 Fiduciary Score Methodology, which evaluates investments based on nine different criteria across a spectrum of quantitative data points to determine a minimum fiduciary standard of care is being met.

  2. Safety

    Smart Investor keeps client assets safe from fraud and information private and safe from unauthorized access.

    Smart Investor uses established third party custodians to hold and account for client assets to protect against securities fraud.

    We are registered with the SEC, maintain appropriate levels of liability insurance, and our stringent privacy and employee conduct policies, including employee background checks, further protect our clients from unauthorized access and fraud.

  3. Professionalism

    CEFEX-certified Investment Advisory firms operate their businesses at the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

    Smart Investor demonstrates robust, industry-leading business operations. We manage investments objectively and foster culture of compliance to securities regulations. Our Advisors maintain appropriate credentials, experience, accreditation and ongoing education.