We understand that each of our clients has a unique set of values and goals, requiring a wealth management and planning strategy designed to meet their individual needs.

Our process begins with discovery, working collaboratively with our clients every step of the way to understand their true financial goals, including investment objectives, time horizon, and risk expectations. This understanding equips our advisors to tailor an actionable plan that works for each individual client’s situation.

We discover, develop, and implement the financial and investment plan in a series of five steps:

  1. The Discovery Meeting

    We believe that the foundation of an effective financial plan is a comprehensive discovery process. The objective of our initial meeting is to uncover everything there is to know about your financial life and discover any gaps or obstacles that will potentially limit your ability to reach your financial goals.

    Together, we will also complete an Investment Policy Questionnaire to identify your risk expectations, objectives, and time horizon as they relate to your investment portfolio.

    What to bring:

    • Last two years’ Federal & State tax returns
    • Current investment statements
    • Pension statements (STRS, PERS, Military, etc.)
    • Mortgage statement
    • Loan statements (Auto, Boat, Student, Credit Cards, etc.)
    • Social Security statements (if any)
    • Life Insurance policies
    • Will & Trust documents
    • Average monthly living expenses
  2. Financial Plan Review Meeting

    At this second meeting, we will present your comprehensive financial plan, which includes a snapshot of your current financial picture, a summary of your goals, and our recommendations to help you successfully reach those goals.

    We encourage you to take the time necessary to be completely comfortable with your plan prior to taking the next step, as this will form the foundation of our work together over the years to come.

  3. Mutual Commitment Meeting

    After you have had time to review your plan privately after our second meeting, we will now be ready to make a mutual decision about whether Smart Investor can add meaningful value and what our next steps will be.

    If a decision is made to work together, both parties will commit to work toward your financial goals as described in your financial plan. Together, we will also execute the documents necessary to put your investment plan into motion.

  4. 45-day Follow Up Meeting

    As a Smart Investor client, you will have access to the Smart Investor client portal where you can view your investment accounts and financial plan, as well as your personal Smart Investor Fiduciary File, where you will find your Quarterly Performance Reports, Investment Policy Questionnaire, Investment Policy Statement, and Investment Advisory Agreement.

    At the 45-day mark, we will meet to set-up and review these resources together, answering any questions you may have, so that you understand exactly how Smart Investor is executing your wealth management strategy.

  5. Regular Progress Meetings

    Moving forward we will meet regularly for progress meetings, scheduled at intervals convenient to you, which will give us an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation since our last meeting.

    Together, we will determine if these changes necessitate adjustments to your investment plan and review your overall progress towards your long-term financial goals.